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We are proud to offer delivery of all Naval Base Concrete
products throughout the Perth metropolitan area.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures bases for all tanks. These bases are available as a solid or have either a 230mm or 600mm weep hole. We also supply strip footing bases with a larger weep hole.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures both trafficable and non-trafficable solid concrete covers. Galvanised grated covers which can be flush, raised 30mm or raided 100mm. Light duty manhole covers have a 600mm diameter concrete inset. Heavy duty trafficable manhole covers can be made with a 600mm diameter or 600mmx600mm square solid access also raised or flush upon request.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures footing blocks with the dimensions of 400mmx200mmx200mm.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures 2000 litre Grease Traps. Covers to suit can be heavy duty, light duty as well as raised or flush. We also manufacture 200mm, 300mm Risers to suit.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures domestic leach drains. Leach drain ends come in a set of two, one solid end and with an access hole. Heavy duty leach drains can be manufactured upon request. Leach drains are Health Department approved.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures Liners ranging from 600mm diameter to 1800mm diameter.900mm, 1050mm & 1200mm come standard with step iron holes. Step iron holes on other diameters can be cored out upon request.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures Pre-Cast Dry Wells for septic systems. These come in two 1500mm diameter by 750mm deep sections. Health Department approved.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures Septic tanks. These can be manufactured with or without bases cast in and are available to be purchased as a set or separately. Non Trafficable and Trafficable two part covers are available for these. Septic tanks are Health Department Approved.


Naval Base Concrete manufactures Stormwater soakwells ranging from 600mm diameter to 1800mm diameter.

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